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About Us

Portrait by @sydsiren


Pole Trend Activewear was created by Russian Exotic pole dancer and instructor Sydney  aka. @SydSiren in Vancouver, BC Canada. In 2020 Sydney realized so many of her students and fellow instructors loved dressing up for classes, but most companies that offer clothing, grips, and shoes are located outside of Canada. This means dancers need to keep track of exchange rates, expensive import fees and duties, and lengthy shipping times in order to have access to this gear. 

Sydney decided to create a pole gear destination for the Canadian market, bringing the rest of the world to The Great White North. We choose to feature one to three brands per season in order to bring in the best up-and-coming designers and trendiest pieces from established brands to Canada. 

We hope you'll join us for this adventure!


SydSiren + Pole Trend Activewear  

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