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Get ready to meet one of your new favorite exotic dancers, @_jialinh. 

@_jialinh is a exotic and floor flow dancer from Vancouver B.C., she teaches and trains at Tantra Fitness and has a soothing if not sexy presence both online and in-person. At Pole Trend we love her work and were thrilled when she decided to join the team! We recently sat down (social distance style) and chatted about her style and what drives her passion for the industry!

What made you start taking pole classes? 

I wanted to get fit while doing a fun activity because going to the gym was getting repetitive and boring. I watched a video of Jeyne Butterfly dancing on Youtube and decided to find a pole dance studio in my city. I was hooked after my first class! 

What is your favorite part about teaching?

My favourite part of teaching is seeing my students grow and have fun with every class. I want to be able to provide my students with the tools to find their own style and explore what it means to be sexy for them in a safe and encouraging way; whether that is playful, raunchy, raw, emotional, or anything else outside and in between.

As an instructor what do you find is the most important lesson you could pass on to a student?

Every dancer’s journey is unique and that’s OK. Your pole dance journey may be different from your instructors and classmates, but it is still important and valid. Comparison is the death of joy. Dance freely and safely; enjoy your pole dance journey wherever it may take you.

Do you have a favorite trick? 

I love shapes that feature back bending! My #pdfigurehead is my old faithful.

Do you have any dreams or aspirations as a dancer?

I hope to continue my teaching journey and try to connect IRL with all the students I have met online through virtual classes! I also want to set aside time to start taking regular classes so that I can be a student again and learn from the many instructors that I admire so much. Pole dance is an ever-growing artform and I want to continue to grow with it. 

If you love bendy exotic flow work, be sure to check her out on Instagram! 



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